You may often spot it somewhere alone nibbling on softer hair algae or sifting through the sand. Peace can have its limit, however, so do not mix different clown species together if you want to maintain order. Apart from their bright coloration, the fish is famous for seeking refuge in the clusters of stinging anemones. I recommend feeding your Barnacle Blenny multiple times a day if possible. However, they won’t harass other tank-mates or even invertebrates. The nitrogen cycle is when biological matter breaks down in your tank via bacteria. Care Level – Easy; Tank Size – Minimum 10 gallon tank; APPEARANCE. A clip-on cartridge filter comes with the kit. If you keep two, they will fight over their perceived territory until one ends up killed. This is not always the case, but I have personally observed enough horror stories involving these fish. The only negative to this fish is its rather short lifespan of 1.5 years. However, during my research, I’ve found that occasionally the Banggai Cardinalfish may turn aggressive against its own species when it comes to claiming or marking territories. #2. The listed species will acclimate relatively quickly and eat a variety of foods, so any diet mistake by a beginner may not have adverse repercussions. If you know you’re going to go with a more demanding tank with light-hungry corals you can step up to the Kessil A160 or A360 or an AquaIllumination Prime HD. 30 gallons with lots of caves and crevices. The captive-bred ones will likely be shyer, especially when acclimating. Their menu can consist of Mysis shrimp, microworms, etc. A good example of such nano fish is the Green Chromis. Get one only if you like a challenge and are after a small saltwater fish that loves to eat from time to time. Anyway, this well-built, sturdy fish enjoys perching on coral branching or live rocks or just swimming in the open where you can admire its attractive color. I recommend this aquarium equipment for keeping a Flaming Prawn Goby: The Tailspot Blenny grows to a maximum size of 2.5 inches or 6.3 centimeters, from head to tail. It grows to a maximum of 3.5 inches in length (nearly 9 cm). Depends on the individual, can be both calm or somewhat aggressive to other similarly-shaped nano reef fish. The Royal Gramma is a hardy, reef-safe fish which means that it’s fairly easy to care for one. The minimum fish tank capacity to successfully keep a pair of Firefish Gobies is 20 gallons. Green Star Polyps are beautiful little flower-like polyps that grow very well in the reef aquarium. Not a typical display fish. That’s where a feeding tool such as a syringe or tweezers comes in handy. Anyway, in my observations, the Gumdrop Coral Croucher fish is one of the most peaceful inhabitants any seasoned hobbyist could wish for in a saltwater aquarium. Flametail Blennies are neither peaceful nor aggressive and the temperament of yours totally depends on its personality. The general rule is that the other fish should not fit in the Cardinalfish’s mouth. In fact, it’s why I did not include Chromis in the list above, notwithstanding its popularity. Therefore, you may need to target-feed it since it will not easily avail itself at mealtimes. So today, which marks a little over a month since I set up the tank, I went and got a firefish! Longspine Cardinalfish get timid if they are fewer in numbers and will retreat behind live rock, or coral reefs if they feel insecure. Top 10 Nano Reef Tank Fish Video. The Sexy Shrimp is a small shrimp that can be kept in a group in a 10 gallon fish tank. A loner who’s confident and not scared of larger tank mates. The Aqueon LED nano reef tank is, by far, one of the most complete and ideal kits for newbies. As with most non-aggressive micro gobies, it may be best if the aquarium has a decent amount of live rocks and sand on which this small fish can spend time grazing. This small fish can get aggressive if its living space is occupied by fish who look similar, such as some blennies. You don’t have to go this route but mechanical filtration and replacing the filter pads monthly is a solid route to go. They are cute and enjoy sticking together because they really love one another, meaning they don’t fight among themselves. Tunze makes very high quality products and their Nano ATO is no exception. This way the fish won’t give new additions a bad time. It’s a very inexpensive device and if you have issues with too much heat you can have it control a fan to circulate air over the top of the water. Bear in mind that this nano fish jumps out at times, so keep the aquarium under a lid. Therefore create rocky caves for it, or else it would jump out of the tank when scared or stressed if there’s an open lid. They have been known to even share the same borough with other species. My 58 Gallon Nano Reef - … The CS Goby is usually really peaceful yet active as long there are no aggressive tank-mates around. I'm wanting to start a 10 gallon nano reef. The bare tank size for 1 specimen is 10 US gallons, but you can put 3 or 4 in a 40 gallon one, as the bioload of these saltwater fish is relatively small. Live rock in your aquarium contains the beneficial bacteria. An aquarium with a volume capacity of 30 gallons and a lot of hiding places is necessary for a Falco Hawkfish to feel comfortable. A powerful filtration system keeps the water moving around the aquarium and over the biomedia, ensuring that the beneficial bacteria in the filter are kept well-oxygenated and preventing stagnant areas from appearing in the tank. Then other bacteria breaks the ammonia down into nitrite. Finally, don’t procrastinate. I’ve found that they are hardy, acclimate quickly, and are relatively easy to take care of. There may be some aggression among their own at fist in order to establish a pecking order. These nano fish are more at home in a 15 to 30-gallon reef aquarium with adequate amounts of live rock and branching Small Polyp Stony corals (SPS). Note that the fish is active and so a single specimen is most comfortable in a 25 to 30-gallon tank as a minimum. For that reason, I would say that a 30-gallon community aquarium is suitable for these small and lively saltwater fish. A quick tip to beginners from my experience: get a beneficial bacteria supplement to cycle your nano fish tank faster. Additionally, you may find you need to spend extra on dosing certain chemicals to maintain more demanding corals. Browse more videos. I'm just having problems with figuring out what kind of lights/fixtures to run on a ten gallon. Anyway, a 20-gallon reef tank is an excellent home for a pair or a single specimen of Ocellaris Clownfish. It is a beautiful fish with a silver white coloration and distinct dark stripes on its body and has a yellow face. They can sometimes grow quite rapidly in certain conditions. Here’s a teaser, a fish that grows no more than 2.5 inches (I’ll uncover its name further down in the article): Luckily for you, I’ve already spent hours researching what nano saltwater fish would be best for a small tank. According to my research Orchid Dottybacks may need to be captive-bred in order to be more tame and manageable in terms of temperament. Purchase some live rock and place it in your aquarium and monitor your nitrate levels over the course of a week or so. The Flametail Blenny is an omnivore but will enjoy feeding on algae, so get it if you need a small saltwater fish that can eat the algae regularly. A nano reef system is a small saltwater tank of typically 25-30 Gallons containing small saltwater fish, invertebrates and Corals and designed to look like a section of the natural reef system for a fraction of the price of a main saltwater tank. Having a good auto top off is a no brainer. An adult Ocellaris Clownfish may reach a maximum of 3 inches or nearly 8 centimeters in body length. I have seen these fish eat frozen or live Mysis and brine shrimp, so keep that in mind if you think yours is getting skinnier. This small fish is big on price these days, as it is somewhat hard to come by. The Two Spot Goby is another stunning nano fish that can suit a reasonably small saltwater aquarium. I won’t say the Falco Hawkfish is outright aggressive as some aquarists put it, but it may exhibit its predatory behavior by preying on smaller fish and invertebrates. Measuring about 2.5 inches as an adult, the Longspine Cardinalfish is one of the schooling fish that you can keep in a small saltwater aquarium. However, my experience with them has been that you can keep one even without an anemone. I found quite a few cool entries, so you may want to bookmark this article for further references. I know saltwater is a lot more expensive plus I wouldn't be able to set up a ro/di system at home, so would I be able to buy water from an LFS? A classic 10-gallon tall tank measures about 16 x 8 x 17 inches on the inside and is taller and narrower than the standard. So, since my LFS started stocking a limited amount of marine fish, I've decided to try and make a nano-reef. All of the equipment necessary for keeping a marine aquarium was large and too big to use on small aquariums. I've done a lot of research and have learned a lot. In fact, it was even more of a challenge to uncover ones that were also nano reef-safe and yet remained under 3 inches of body length. For beginners with small saltwater tanks I recommend looking into the Tailspot Blenny, the Royal Gramma Fish, a single Ocellaris Clownfish, a Sharknose Goby, Yellow-Striped Cardinalfish, and Clown Goby Fish. Villainousirony. Needs a well-thought nano tank with a lot of hiding places to feel comfortable, so it may not be suitable for beginner aquarists. For this reason, I would not attempt to keep these nano fish if I wanted a small reef tank with SPS corals. The Gold Assessor Basslet measures almost 3 inches when fully grown. Procrastination with a tank this small will lead to trouble fast. Also known as Rainford’s Goby, the Court Jester Goby fish measures a maximum of 2.8 inches or 7.1 centimeters in its adulthood. In my experience, a 10-gallon reef aquarium would be fine with these cool fish, provided it has plenty of rocks with crevices to act as potential hideouts. Nano Aquariums are more of a commitment than larger aquariums. Also I would like opinions on everything I need to get this reef up and running. So just handle it with care, which is to say do not over-squeeze the fish. In my experience, the best approach to keeping a small Royal Gramma without incidents is to add last to the nano reef tank. Though I think the Royal Gramma is one of the coolest saltwater fish that remain small, I recommend exercising caution when planning a reef tank with them in mind. The bacteria needs to establish so that the cycle can be effective “prior” to adding your fish and other critters. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates and other affiliate advertising programs, designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to or other websites of the like. They are quite the adorable little shrimp and a very entertaining addition. Things could get really entertaining when it’s feeding time. It works by pulling dissolved organics out of the water before they have a chance to break down and turn into harmful ammonia, nitrate, and nitrate. Therefore, as a relative to the scorpionfish, it has venom in its short spines. In fact, you can keep them in both small and large tanks as long as there are no aggressive tank mates to bother them. On occasion, however, they may turn aggressive against dartfish or gobies over territories if the fish tank is too small. The Gumdrop Croucher prefers to withdraw to the lonely sections of the tank like the crevices or caves. I would like to do a 10 gallon nano reef. Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube Aquarium Starter Kits with Stand Therefore, the Twin Spot Goby is not a saltwater fish I’d recommend to a beginner looking to stock a nano tank. It will never bother or get in the way of other tank mates.

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