Consider the size of your garden – if you have a lot of ground to cover, go for a bigger swath size to clear more grass in one go. Close. Overview Features + Benefits. An image is shown below in order to guide you better. Automatic feed string trimmers allow you to finish trimming faster because the string advances on its own. $59.24. Wind the line tightly around the spool in the direction of the arrow. This component gauges the length of the line in the cutting head. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Do not use serrated or heavier gauge line, as they will overload the motor and cause overheating. When the string is long enough, there is pressure on the spool itself keeping the nub in a resting area on the track. I used it about 7 times before my first spool of string ran out. Inside the auto-feed head you can see a little lever with a nub at one end, and on the spool you can see a saw-tooth track for that nub to follow. While winding the line around the spool, make sure that you pull the line tight to create tension. The cover helps protect the line from debris that might cause jamming. There will be no need to bump it on the ground or manually pull the string out. Rest assured, this type of feed system does not compromise the effectivity and quality of the equipment. Posted by 4 years ago. It's a pretty simple operation:1. Use the manual-release button - if the trimmer isn't pushing out more line automatically, it could be that the cord is slightly tangled up inside; the manual-release button means you can pull more line out past the problem. Because you won’t have to constantly mind the string in your cutting head, you will have more chance to focus on the task at hand. They are the ideal choice for people who are relatively new to the lawn care industry since they require less thought and effort. Grind the edges of the blades with a rotary tool that has a sharpening pad on its end. Once it has assessed that the line is about to run out, the automatic feed system is activated to automatically feed a new line into the cutting head, taking advantage of the centrifugal force from the equipment’s fast spinning motion to release and pull the line from the spool. Powerful 7.5 Amp motor with gear drive transmission provides highest performance trimming to tackle the toughest weeds, grass and overgrowth quickly. Your purchase of this Black & Decker Reflex® grass trimmer and lawn edger assures you of years of problem free trimming. etc … read more. The Automatic Feed Spool (AFS™)) is the technologically advanced line feed system found on Black & Decker string trimmer products such as the Grass Hog™) Trimmer/Edger, and the 12" Cordless Trimmer/Edger. Download 414 Black & Decker Trimmer PDF manuals. The purpose of the 90567079 Lever, is to regulate the amount of line that is fed from the auto-feed spool. An overheated motor … If you see no line sticking out of the ports on the trimmer head, you may not have bump-fed the line often enough. Leave an excess length before the other end of the line. If you are hesitant about line trimmer replacements, you can purchase pre-wound spools from your trimmer’s manufacturer. Flip over the trimmer and remove the spool plate.2. I will be happy to assist you. There will be no need to bump it on the ground or manually pull the string out. Consider the size of your garden - if you have a lot of ground to cover, go for a bigger swath size to clear more grass in one go. We make fixing things easier! A downside to having a string trimmer with an automatic feed system is that it runs through the entire spool of line faster compared to a trimmer with a bump feed system. This part has a tendency to wear out often. The advantages of bump feed. Feed the end of the line through the hole in the trimmer.5. Also, avoid the overlapping of the lines since it can also cause the lines to aggregate and clog the spool. There are currently two types of feed system for. $49.00. An automatic feed string trimmer is pretty much operated like other types of string trimmers in the industry, but with the exception of the feed system, of course. This can save you time and effort in winding your own spools. Get it by Tomorrow, Dec 2. The Black & Decker weed eater uses a spring and a bump spool to automatically feed out more line when you tap the head onto the ground. 8124, type. Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 19. On some models, … Strimmer® Grass Trimmers. Pull out the old empty line spool.3. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. A Strimmer® is great for trimming tall grass, tidying lawn borders and tackling overgrowth. A lot, if not most, of the Black \u0026 Decker electric trimmers use an Automatic Feed Spool system which means you don't have to bump your trimmer on the ground to make the line extend out. Take out the empty spool from the string trimmer. This type of feed system gives you more control over the length of the line to feed the head. Auto Feed System Replacement: It was designed for Black Decker string trimmer. This means that you will not need to pause from time to time just to feed string into the cutting head. )They work pretty well and rarely jam in my experience. Archived. Any Condition New Open box Used For parts or not working. En español Live Chat online. The line size should be 0.065. When you have a bump feed string trimmer, you manually advance the string by gently bumping it on the ground. Ready to load, this 20', 0.080" spool will help you get the most from your Black+Decker GH3000 electric string trimmer. 6. Majority of string trimmers with an automatic feed also have an internal sensor component that gauges the length of the line.

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