cream cheese, softened; 2 cups cold water; 1 large can crushed pineapple, drained; 1 can sweetened condensed milk (I didn’t say it was a healthy salad!) Log in. So simple, my husband's aunt had given it to them and yet I found a way to simplify it more by using the blender. Using the reserved pineapple juice, prepare pineapple … If in a hurry add ice cubes to set a litte faster. cream cheese Stir in cream cheese … lemon Jello 1 cup boiling water 1 (8 oz) pkg. Stir in pineapple; cover and refrigerate until syrupy. Pour … A hodgepodge.” I suppose based upon this, I would concede that the combination of lime jello, cream cheese, cream, pineapple and pecans does constitute a salad. Your email address will not be published. Whisk in softened cream cheese until thoroughly blended. Philadelphia cream cheese, softened 1 cup 7-Up, cold 1 (8 oz) can crushed pineapple, drained 1 cup chopped pecans 1 tsp. Yum and double yum. Pour the cheese and Jello mixture into blender, blending until smooth. Total Carbohydrate This classic side dish is a beautiful addition to a special meal and only takes minutes to prepare! Mix cream cheese and pineapple in large bowl. This Lime Jell-O salad recipe is a holiday favorite at our house. pkg. Fold the cream cheese mixture into the jello … Pour the cheese and Jello mixture into blender, blending until smooth. Sprinkle gelatin over the softened cheese and mix together until gelatin is completely blended in. sugar 1 tsp. Method. Lemon-Lime Jello Salad. Creamy Lime Gelatin Salad is a retro treat that's oh so good! 1 (6 oz) box or 2 (3 oz) boxes lime Jello, I used sugar free 1 (15 oz) can sliced pears in juice 1 (3 oz) package cream cheese, I used reduced fat or Neufchatel cream cheese, softened to … Add 7 up blend again. Remove from heat, allow to cool just slightly. PINEAPPLE CHEESE SALAD Dissolve Jello in 2 cups hot water, let stand until syrupy. Cover with plastic wrap while chilling in the refrigerator. Combine the cream cheese and whipping cream and beat until well blended. 1 can #2 crushed pineapple, drained 1/2 c. chopped pecans Thoroughly blend cream cheese and Jello. Add drained pineapple and chopped nuts to prepared Jell-o, pour into cake pan and refrigerate to set. It's totally retro and delicious too. Add pineapple and cold water and mix well. Beat cream cheese until softened and smooth, then add to the gelatin mixture. I've made this salad with both regular and sugar-free jello, and regular and low-fat cream cheese … 42.8 g Remove from … While the jello sets, beat the cream cheese and whipped topping together. DIRECTIONS Dissolve Jello in 1 Cup hot water. Pour into pot and bring just to a boil. It's made with lime Jello, cream cheese, sour cream, marshmallows, pineapple, and pecans. Dissolve JELL-O in 2 cups boiling water. Add the lime Jell-o mixes to the boiling pineapple juice/water and stir until dissolved. It was such a hit with everyone, that it became the standard for our gatherings and continues today. Stir it until it is dissolved. Add the lime Jell-o mixes to the boiling pineapple juice/water and stir until dissolved. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines salad as “a usually incongruous mixture. SEVEN UP SALAD 1 (3 oz) pkg. Add the pineapple with … Vintage Creamy Lime Gelatin Salad | 1/2 cup mayonnaise; 1/2 – 1 cup chopped nuts; In a large bowl mix both packages of jello … This is good even using the sugarfree Jello and lite cream cheese, etc. Nov 19, 2019 - This congealed salad includes crushed pineapple, pecans, cream cheese, lime jello, and 7-Up. Pour 1 cup boiling water over the gelatin mix in a large bowl. When Jello becomes... pecans. Congealed salads have long been a part of our family's holidays. We love it and have even been known to have it for dessert or....breakfast!!! Its base is lime jello which is combined with cream cheese, crushed pineapple, pecans, celery, and marshmallows. The salad can serve as a dessert. Stir until dissolved, then stir in 1/2 cup … 3 oz. In a large multi-cup measuring cup (I use my 4 cup Pyrex), add all of the reserved pineapple juice and then add enough water to the juice to make a total of 2 cups. Let jello set awhile in the refrigerator. Whisk in sour cream; add pecans. Break up cheese in hot Jello. Put pineapple in right away, along with the juice before the jello starts to set too much. This particular lime jello salad recipe has no cottage cheese, but options for using lemon jello … Lime jello salad with pineapple and cream cheese tastes like your childhood memories!

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