Under EASA Part-FCL, the requirements for CPL(A) are as follows and ALL requirements MUST be met before the Skill Test can be taken: EASA EC Regulation 1178/2011 Annex 1 Appendix 3 E. CPL modular course ? The required numbers of flight training for CPL is depending on: your total flight experience the guidence material of the EASA authoroty Hold an EASA PPL (Private Pilot License) Recommended to have an EASA Part-MED Class 1 Medical. General conditions for successful pass of the examination flight - EASA license skill test (LST) commercial pilot license - CPL(A) - commercial pilot license are more or less the same as for any other EASA flight test. By continuing to browse this web site without changing the cookies setting in your browser, you agree to the use of cookies. Operate the airplane within its limitations. You will need to complete 150 hours of theory and at least 50 hours (single-engine aeroplanes or helicopters) or 55 hours (multi-engine aeroplanes or helicopters) of flight training. The EASA Commercial Pilot License is a qualification that permits the holder to act as the pilot of an aircraft for remuneration and act as co-pilot (First Officer) in commercial air transportation, as pilot-in-command, co-pilot of any airplane engaged in operations other than commercial air transportation or as pilot-in-command in commercial air transportation of any single-pilot airplane. Aeroplanes GENERAL 1. (CPL) Program Requirements . The EASA MPL to CPL conversion course is tailored for pilots who want to convert their MPL license to a CPL(A) license. Act as pilot-in-command or co-pilot of any airplane engaged in operations other than commercial air transportation. Our package is based on this requirement, any additional hours required to achieve test standard will be charged at our current rates. The cross country flight shall to end up at the controlled airport. The only difference is that as you meet experience requirements, you will be issued with an ATPL as … Learn more about complete training fees. Flights are charged as airborne time plus 0.2hrs per flight 20 hours of VFR cross-country flight time as pilot-in-command, including a cross-country flight totaling at least 540 km (300 NM) in the course of with full-stop landings at two aerodromes different from the aerodromes of departure. The option to defer compliance due to COVID-19 will be available on their next annual renewal. ... We process and review Part-FCL licence applications in accordance with EASA standards. The aeroplane, which is used for the EASA commercial pilot license - CPL(A) license skill test (LST) shall meet the requirements of the Appendix 4, Part B, paragraph 1 of Part-FCL Regulation (EC) 1178/2011 and have to comply with the following: Considering the requirements stated above, for the EASA commercial pilot license - CPL(A) license skill test (LST), the following variants (types) of the aeroplanes can be used (eg. License skill test CPL(A) for initial obtain of an EASA commercial pilot license aeroplanes - CPL(A). In order to qualify for the conversion, the licence holder must have completed and passed the EASA ATPL written examinations. If you are sure, that you will not need the ATPL theory in the future, you have an opportunity to take CPL … ICAO CPL/ME/IR Conversion Course is designed to convert any ICAO professional licence and ratings to EASA professional licence. With a good understanding of the rules established by the EASA in the PART-FCL and a good learning strategy, you’ll be ready to ace your ATPL with more serenity. The minimum age to get a CPL is 18 and you will need to hold a Part MED Class 1 Medical Certificate. ME IR Course Requirements. Each stage is comprised of approximately 3 months of Distance Learning (average study time 15 hours per … For IR rated pilots – consists of 15 flight hours Dual, out of which 5 hours are on complex aircraft; For non-IR rated pilots – 25 hours Dual, out of which 5 hours are on complex aircraft. During the re-exam of the license skill test (LST) commercial pilot license - CPL(A), fail out of any section, including the sections which have been passed already during a previous attempt, will cause the applicant failed from the entire license skill test (LST) commercial pilot license aeroplanes - CPL(A). EASA license skill test (LST) for initial issue of the  commercial pilot license (aeroplanes) - commercial pilot license - CPL(A) is split into different sections - section of the air check, representing the different phases of flight at the appropriate category (aeroplanes) and specific class of the aeroplane - single engine piston - SEP(Land) or multi engine piston - MEP(land) of the aeroplane used for the license skill test (LST) commercial pilot license - CPL(A). Pre-Entry requirements: Minimum age of 18 years old Holder of a valid ICAO CPL ME/IR Licence; EASA ATPL Theory exams pass; Aviation English Language Proficiency (ELP)* The aeroplane, which is used for the EASA commercial pilot license - CPL(A) license skill test (LST) shall meet the requirements of the Appendix 4, Part B, paragraph 1 of Part-FCL Regulation (EC) 1178/2011 and have to comply with the following: aeroplane shall be capable of transporting at least four people If the applicant fails from any item of a section of the license skill test (LST) commercial pilot license - CPL(A) he will fail the entire section of the license skill test (LST) commercial pilot license - CPL(A). Piper PA-28 Arrow, Cessna C210, Cessna 172RG, etc.). The ATPL(A) license is the highest level of aircraft pilot certification. This training and testing is completed in Malta. This is a 25 hour program, followed by a skills test with a EASA examiner. The CPL theory is a part of ATPL theoretical course of a lower academic standard, with 13 exams instead of 14 exams, which complete ATPL theory consists of. EASA requirements; IR (A) requirements - aeroplanes. Our experienced staff will process your request within fifteen working days. They must: No additional form or supporting You need to complete basic instrument flying for a CPL (A) and if you are completing an integrated course of training for a CPL (H). 15 hours is the minimum CPL training requirement laid down by the Competent Authority. Non-Type Rated Pilots If you hold an ICAO ATPL but don’t have a valid multi-pilot type rating, or do not wish to take the ATPL skills test on type, you must complete an approved course of ground training and get your application forms signed by your training provider before you sit the full set of ATPL exams. The test flight itself - an EASA commercial pilot license - CPL(A) license skill test (LST) shall include, the following items: Route of the cross-country flight will be chosen by the flight examiner. The IR(A) is made up of two modules, and the requirements for each are set out in the table below: Requirement: Crediting: Pre-requisites: You must hold at least a PPL(A) with UK FRTOL or a CPL(A). The theoretical training is provided in a form of several ground briefings/debriefings to help you understand what will be expected of you in the following flight. Otherwise, basic instrument flying is optional. Converting EASA CPL to UK CPL. Have a good command of the English language (ELP – English Language Proficiency Level 4) The rest of the time is used for the preparation of the check flight (route planning, briefing, debriefing and any oral theoretical knowledge examination). the consequences of non-compliance with the CPL program Request to Defer Compliance with the Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) If, due to extenuating circumstances, you are unable to meet the CPL program requirements for your current membership year, you may request a deferral. To find out more about how to become a professional pilot, please click here.The Commercial Pilot Certificate is a qualification that permits the holder to act as the pilot of an aircraft for remuneration, i.e. This will open more doors within aviation and enable you to pursue additional opportunities. This website uses cookies. Privileges to fly in SE IR. Valid ICAO CPL/IR/MEP EASA ATPL Theory Certificate. CPL(A) is a must for professional airline pilots, to have sufficient knowledge of Mathematics and Physics. With our highly experienced Commercial Flying Instructors and our renowned professional yet friendly approach we aim to make your commercial pilot licence (CPL) course an enjoyable and successful experience. EASA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) If you’re considering a career as a commercial airline pilot, our tailored commercial flight training course can help you achieve your goal. Complete all maneuvers as smooth and as accurate as requested by EASA, Maintain control of the airplane at all times, Instructor time for practical training only. ATPL Theory EASA consists of 14 disciplines – 650 hours, of which 530 hours of distance learning and 120 hours of classroom work (full-time training for 4 weeks). If you hold a CPL you can, on the appropriate aircraft category: exercise all the privileges of the holder of a LAPL and a PPL. At least a PPL in the appropriate aircraft category. CPL Deferral Due to COVID-19: Effective April 2020 to August 2021, all members will have the option to defer compliance with their CPL Program requirements for one membership year due COVID-19. Now the requirements on cap 804 are not very specific but I feel I covered what they require one to do and that is to fly a total of at least 300nm between a base airfield and the land aways at 2 separate airfields. Hello Guys, I currently hold a Hungarian EASA CPL, I would like to convert it into UK CAA. to get employed as a pilot. At the end of the training, the trainee must have a minimum of 200 total flight hours (including PPL (A) time): 100 hours as pilot-in-command (If you wish to find out more about how to build your Pilot in Command hours, please click... 20 hours of VFR cross-country flight … 300nm CPL route requirements Hello Ppruners, today I flew what I hope was my 300nm CPL cross country. Flight School - ATO has recommend the applicant to carry out the practical flight test - for the EASA license skill test (LST) PPL(A). Entry Requirements. We prefer to conduct the EASA commercial pilot license - CPL(A) license skill test (LST) with using the aeroplane in the class multi engine piston (land) - MEP(land). The EASA is calling the CPL conversion, not like a conversion, they offer a reduced training to get the CPL-EASA license. The Commercial Pilot License – CPL(A) course entry requirements are as follows: The Commercial Pilot License allows you to act as the pilot of an aircraft for remuneration and. The training can usually be completed within 2-3 days. 100 hours as pilot-in-command (If you wish to find out more about how to build your Pilot in Command hours, please. At the end of the training, the trainee must have a minimum of 200 total flight hours (including PPL(A) time): You will have to demonstrate the ability to: The course price starts from 3198 EUR. As it is a separate class rating the requirements of FCL.725 (a)(b)(c) apply and as it is an HPA also the relevant requirements for those aeroplanes apply. The examination flight - license skill test (LST) for initial issue of the EASA commercial pilot license (aeroplanes) - CPL(A) to obtain a is carried out after completion of the prescribed approved flight training provided by the EASA flight school - approved training organization - ATO. Reading Time: 9 minutes The ATPL exam are one of the most challenging and time consuming part of your pilot training.In this article, I will give you everything you need to know about the ATPL theory to apprehend it more peacefully. The license skill test (LST) commercial pilot license - CPL(A) can be performed only after successful completion of the theoretical examination commercial pilot license - CPL(A) at the Civil Aviation Authority or on the basis of credit the EASA theoretical examination ATPL(A) - ATPL(A) theory credit, which should be endorsed in the field 12 in the pilot´s license. Reply. By continuing to browse this site, you also agree to the terms of use of this website and our privacy policy. For the IR, requirements are different for single-engine and multi-engine aircraft. The candidate is responsible for flight planning and he is also responsible to ensure that all equipment and all documents, certificates and materials required for the flight are on board the aircraft during the examination flight. EASA Commercial Pilot License - CPL theory course is designed for PPL holders looking to upgrade their license to commercial. Training fees are covering the following items and services: *All training fees are bound to the actual exchange rates of the local currency of the Flying Academy base where the training or a part of the training is provided. ICAO CPL/ME/IR Conversion Course Overview . When you apply for the EASA FCL CPL (A) Commercial licence you must have: Completed at least 200 hours of flight time of which not less than 100 hours shall be PIC, of which at least 20 hours must be cross-country including a route of at least 300nm in the course of which the aeroplane landed and carried out full stop landings at two aerodromes. In our case it is possible to use single-engine piston aerorplanes - SEP(Land), or multi-engine piston aeroplanes - MEP(land). These are for pilots with ICAO CPL qualifications who wish to convert to the EASA CPL. You must still meet the minimum experience requirements for an EASA ATPL (listed below). Act as co-pilot (First Officer) in commercial air transportation. You will familiarize yourself with the basic commercial operations and maneuvers, gain further knowledge necessary for obtaining a CPL (A) and become familiar with the handling of a complex airplane. The Commercial Pilot License training is usually one of the last steps in becoming a professional pilot. Valid EASA Medical (class 1) Certificate; Valid ICAO CPL/IR/MEP; EASA ATPL Theory Certificate; Minimum of 200 hrs total flight time, including 100 hrs as PIC, of which 50 hrs X-country as PIC; Minimum of 55 hrs instrument flight time, of which up to 40 hrs in FNPT II EASA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) – pre-course requirements. If the applicant fails more than one section of the license skill test (LST) commercial pilot license - CPL(A), it means that the candidate failed the entire license skill test (LST) CPL (A). Act as pilot-in-command in commercial air transportation of any single-pilot airplane. The Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplanes CPL(A) is a European licence that entitles you to: perform the competences of a holder of PPL and LAPL; ... CPL requirements. CPL Theory There are 13 subjects to pass at EASA level. The course of distance theory should be completed in no more than 6 months. The duration of Commercial Pilot License – CPL(A) training depends on the trainee’s time availability for both theoretical and practical training and the minimum duration is 3 weeks. What is the process of conversion and am I able to hold two licence at the same time ? If the candidate fails only one section of the license skill test (LST) commercial pilot license - CPL(A) during the re-exam the candidate will only repeat that failed section. (To exercise LAPL privileges you will need a LAPL licence) Information on instructor qualification for SET class: With the facts mentioned above the instructor requirements for a … Course description. Course entry requirements If you obtain your CPL (H) without doing the instrument flying, it will include a note that your licence doesn’t meet the international standard for a PPL. An application for an issue of the commercial pilot license (aeroplanes) - EASA commercial pilot license - CPL(A) license skill test (LST) shall demonstrate the flight examiner FE(A) ability to perform the maneuvers and procedures, skills and knowledge to act as pilot in command (PIC) on the aircraft category (in this case, the category of aircraft "aeroplane") with the competency appropriate to the privileges granted by the Appendix 4 to Part-FCL Regulation (EC) 1178/2011. In order to enrol for the EASA ATPL Theory course you must: Be at least 17 years old. After successful completion of the zero to ATPL(A) course, you will be issued an EASA CPL(A) license with ATPL(A) theory completed and will be authorized to act as Pilot-In-Command (PIC) of an aircraft in an airline. You will get a fresh news by e-mail. Pilots with an ICAO Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A) or (H) can convert to an EASA ATPL. Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) course with instrument rating (IR) on multi engine (ME) aircraft is offered for pilots require training to a level of proficiency necessary to … The test flight (EASA commercial pilot license - CPL(A) license skill test (LST)) itself (flight with the EASA flight examiner) takes at least 90 minutes, up to 2 hours of the flight time.

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