The Dwarf Dogwood "Poncho" is a Japanese Dogwood that only grows to 8-10 ft., unlike an American Dogwood, which can reach heights of 25 ft. Close. Find Little Poncho Chinese Dogwood (Cornus kousa 'Little Poncho') in Pittsburgh Murrysville Plum Monroeville Trafford Pennsylvania PA at Plumline Nursery … We offer local delivery on bulk materials. These quickly turn to small berries that the birds will happily pick clean for you. For gardens big or small, it's a commanding focal point! Oh what fun! Buy Pirtle Nursery Kousa Dogwood Tree, #5, 3.74 gal., 2991 at Tractor Supply Co. Great Customer Service. Here’s what you can expect! Blooms Large White flowers in Spring. Sun/ partial shade. This sweet tree is more flower-bud hardy than the native flowering dogwood ( Cornus florida, Zones 5–9), and it is resistant to dogwood anthracnose. Please check back with us or contact us for more detail. We also carry several Shrub Dogwoods, described below. A Unique and Adorable Tree for Every Season! Shop 8-ft white kousa dogwood flowering tree in pot (with soil) (l1140) in the trees section of All Rights Reserved. The flowers/bracts are a medium pink. When ripe, it is sweet and delightful. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Add vital organic matter to enhance the root zone and help retain moisture around plant roots. It grows half the size of the typical Kousa Dogwood. Shop Dogwood Trees Online and select home delivery or pick up at a local garden center, every quality Dogwood Tree ships direct from the grower to you. They are distinctive, with four petal-like bracts around the central flowers. Some are small trees smothered in spring with large white flowers and others have brightly colored twigs in red, yellow and ac… Naturalized American, Thomas Hogg, Jr. was one plant explorer who rooted out new treasures for the West, including the Japanese 'Kousa' Dogwood in 1875. Jul 9, 2020 - Learn more about this dwarf flowering dogwood with huge appeal - the vibrancy of our Little Poncho Kousa Dogwood Trees brightens any landscape. White flowers. Cornus kousa 'Little Poncho' 10x10’. I said to myself wow that is cool! 'Little Poncho' Dogwood H: 8-10’ W: 8-10’ Bloom: White (April/May) Fall: Burgundy Red Features: True dwarf! Little Poncho is a special selection of Japanese Kousa Dogwood chosen for its extremely compact habit. Deciduous. Use the form below to determine how much stone, mulch, compost or top soil you need. We provide two species of Dogwood trees that do well in the Mid-South, Cornus florida, native to North America, & Cornus kousa, native to Asia, as well as hybrids. Part Sun Blooms Large White flowers in Spring. This is a real 'stop the car and find out what that is' kind of tree. Little Poncho Japanese Kousa Dogwood is a pint-sized character that brings a lot of joy to the landscape. Little Princess - This dwarf dogwood is a profuse bloomer even at an early age. It was first seen and described by von Siebold of the Dutch East India Company. Little Poncho Japanese Kousa Dogwood is a pint-sized character that brings a lot of joy to the landscape. You are currently viewing trees and plants for your hardiness zone 84606 Change. Size. Three Year Guarantee Available. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Be sure to wait until the skin is fully red and the flesh is a pumpkin color, otherwise its taste is astringent. This red blooming azalea shrub delivers a holiday cheer! b85eb5acf8c5f06df1690d548f47f96c919b635404d0e2273da46a2fe2de627a. May 9, 2017 - Brighten up your landscape with an adorable version of a Dogwood. The Little Prince, The Little Mermaid, The Little Engine That Could. Gardens need color to bring them alive. It's a good fall feature, too, as the leaves change to red and scarlet. Shop 5.5-gallon white kousa dogwood flowering tree in pot (l1140) in the trees section of Est.10yr.growth. Buy this Cornus kousa 'Little Poncho' dwarf Chinese dogwood tree online with confidence at our online Japanese maple store! Part Sun Blooms Large White flowers in Spring. With the Elements Watering System, your trees will grow faster with less work. It's not too fussy about soils, but prefers an acid soil and needs good drainage. Little Poncho Dwarf Dogwood Trees are second to none! It fills in small spaces nicely -- the perfect dwarf tree to complement the plants around it. Award-winning Cornus kousa 'Miss Satomi' (Kousa Dogwood) is an upright, spreading medium-sized deciduous shrub with 4 seasons of interest. 135996. ... Kousa Dogwood (Little Poncho) 0.00. As a perennial in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 through 8, Little Poncho Dogwood can also be grown as a … In spring, a heavenly array of star-like blooms appear. Cornus kousa 'Little Poncho' is a small selection of the Kousa Dogwood, reaching only 8-10' tall. Build a strong soil environment that increases your tree’s ability to use its surrounding nutrients. Grows to about eight feet. we get our pictures from another websites, search engines and other sources to use as an inspiration for you. Details. All the appeal of the big guys packed into a compact frame! Add a Watering System for an additional $22.00, Hardiness Zone:

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