Interested in the latest whale sightings off the NSW coast? A drone operator caught a rare sight off Sydney recently - a … "It'd just be a matter of having our vessels back out there on the water and getting back to some sort of normal life for us," she said. Find the best ones to suit you. Shark sighting at northern New South Wales A shark has been sighted between Ballina and Evans Head, with surfers urged to steer clear of the area. 4 May 2020. Joe Biden has the certified votes to become president. For 2 December 2020: To keep visitors safe ALL camping in NSW national parks now requires a booking. Take the plunge and explore our parks, go whale watching and discover what there is to see and do. "Hopefully we start with a few, over the course of the season it might increase a little bit.". "Which is getting near to where we estimate they were prior to whaling after World War II," Dr Franklin said. 17th June 2020 A sighting of a possible white whale was been reported by Kym of Mid Coast Flying School, Gladstone. From Tweed to Eden, the NSW coast provides perfect vantage points to see these majestic ocean giants. "At the moment we could technically be running with 10 people if we wanted, but come the 1st of June they've released the numbers up to 50 with 4 square metre social distancing," he said. Check out the top whale watching spots in your region. A whale carcass washed up on the rocks at Bulli Beach, in NSW's South Coast, on Thursday afternoon Since then a swarm of tiger and great … Anyone can start to operate from June 1, as long as they adhere to safe social distancing, which is going to make it hard for a lot of operators, said Go Whale Watching's Simon Millar. Heading east towards Apollo Bay . "We're very lucky that we're operating in an open environment as well — I think that's one of our blessings on board our vessels," Ms Heeney said. See on the map: 11 Oct 2020 - 10:10am: Marengo West : Unspecified: 2 whales spotted at Marengo West - low in water and spouting. Whale watching in NSW Every year, whales migrate along the NSW coastline. What you can do in your state or territory, World's largest humpback whale population booming thanks to the Kimberley, 8 in 10 garment workers for companies like Nike, H&M going hungry due to COVID-19, Australia received a climate change wake-up call this week — and our health is at stake, Adelaide man who left drugs at hotel counter sentenced for 'extremely amateur' offending, Federal Government proposes laws to break up merged unions, Mardi Gras votes down motions to bar police, Scott Morrison and Gladys Berejiklian from parade, Mailie hoped to connect with her partner's culture through studying Hindi, but her dream could soon be dashed, 'Put it on anywhere, you'll start the party': 25 years on, how Gangsta's Paradise came to be, Secret Service agents, intelligence briefings and $200k a year for life: Trump's perks as an ex-president, Google accused of 'racism and censorship' by staff amid firing of star researcher. Sea Watch Foundation, Paragon House, Wellington Place, New Quay, Ceredigion, SA45 9NR, United Kingdom Call Adopt a Dolphin: 07821 584772 | Call Head Office: 01407 832892 | Call team in New Quay (Apr-Oct only): 01545 561227 | E: Sea Watch Foundation is a Registered Charity No. The whale was spotted from an aircraft approximately 1km … To keep visitors safe ALL camping in NSW national parks now requires a booking. Published: 20/09/2020Updated: 20 September 2020 10:20 am. Version 3.3. 1013002 The 2020 Whale Watching Season on the Coffs Coast. But this recent sighting is the first time we have aerial photos and vision of the whale confirming this species off our coast.” PHOTO: Sanjay Kamila/Shutterstock 6 OF 10 For day visitors, please avoid busy parks between 11am and 2pm on weekends and during school holidays to avoid congestion. Are you wild about whales? “I’ve never seen a year like this one and that’s after 24 years in business.” A dead whale carcass attracted large white sharks on the NSW far-north coast, and Salt, Casuarina, Cabarita, Hastings, North Pottsville and South Pottsville remain closed today. Our 2020 whale watching season is coming to an end with our last cruises of the year heading out from tomorrow until Sunday We hope to finish on a high as there are still whales swimming past Sydney each day. Please enable javascript to access the full functionality of this site. Pack your binoculars to experience the majesty and grandeur of these oceanic giants. 3.1 out of 5. Between May and August, whales make their way north from icy Antarctica to warmer waters to breed. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. The main purpose of this Group is for people to share their whale and dolphin sightings in the Shellharbour area. Humpback whales and southern right whales sail north for warmer waters throughout June and into July, and return southwards from around September to November. Port Jet Cruises Adventures will be out on the water for the ORRCA Census on June 28, in which volunteer members of the public get outdoors to record how many numbers are spotted on one day, to provide data to track and learn more about the populations. Rare blue whale sightings off Sydney. Ms Heeney said however that running their two vessels with fewer passengers onboard was not viable at all. "We are still planning on going ahead, but we do need to follow the COVID-19 restrictions in regards to crowds which we will be reassessing prior to the day," Ms Farrell said. NSW records first COVID death in weeks as new cases are recorded. Jodi Heeney, from Port Jet Cruise Adventures, said it had been a little frustrating. Keep an eye on this page for activities, tours, and accommodation offers in our national parks this whale watching season. And specifically, whale watching along the NSW coast. They head north to the warm coastal waters of Queensland and the Coral Sea to mate and give birth from late April to August, and return southwards from around September to November. Check park alerts and visit COVID-19 updates for more information before visiting any park. "Once we have people back in town, to be walking along the boardwalk, that will help us," she said. For day visitors, please avoid busy parks between 11am and 2pm on weekends and during school holidays to avoid congestion. We’ve updated the app to suit newer devices that also includes performance updates so your whale sightings off the NSW coast are easily submitted and shared.We recommend updating your app if you have already installed it. Many of these coastal parks and reserves provide excellent viewing opportunities for whale watching. "And then again you've got the June-July school holidays — they're massive for whale watching — that's a really peak time in the northern migration for the whales.". "Basically we were shut down for the whole of January and then we just came back to work and then we started being shutdown with COVID-19. "I think it could be the new norm in business, I think that's the reality.". "But in the same breath it's pretty cool for us — we have to run the engines weekly, so we've had a couple of family whale-watching trips out and managed to catch some whales," she said. What happens next? ABC North Coast / By Luisa Rubbo. Humpback whales spotted in unusually early encounter near Hervey Bay. "We're lucky in the fact that we have larger vessels so that will still allow us a few people on the boat and be able to go out there and watch whales. "The trouble with all these extra steps you have to put in place is it costs money, so you have to factor that in to the fewer numbers that you're going to have to carry. Whale watching tours and coastal activities take place at NSW national parks all along the coast. He said whales had started their annual migration north. Whale watchers participating in the 2020 ORRCA whale census at Tacking Point near Port Macquarie. A recent sighting of a blue whale off Sydney's coastline could be only the third in the past 100 years, according to NSW National Parks and Wildlife. Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, Department of Planning, Industry & Environment, Become a Parks Eco Pass licensed tour operator. Immerse yourself in Byron's beautiful beaches, ocean adventures and relaxed lifestyle on this 3-day escape. This is your chance to see all of Byron's big coastal attractions - from the heritage lighthouse on Australia's easternmost cape to the white beaches which boast some of the country's best surf breaks. "Obviously the bigger the boat though the more the cost to run it too, so there's no right or wrong in this situation," he said. Elizabeth Daoud. Whale watchers keen to catch a glimpse of the famous white humpback, Migaloo, dotted headlands on the New South Wales Mid North Coast today, and some are convinced they spotted him. Images: Whale Census 2019 During the spring, they journey back down the coast with their calves in tow, providing plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of these awesome creatures. Surf Lifesaving NSW has warned surfers and divers not to enter the water as police attempt to tow the carcass out of the rocks. June 16, 2020 … (ABC Port Macquarie: Luisa Rubbo) Wild About Whales is a celebration of whales along the NSW coastline. From June, Port Macquarie sees a good number of whales. Our NSW whale watching map displays sightings of where the gentle giants are now. Ratings and Reviews See All. NSW has over 860 national parks and reserves. Video: Instagram, @sharkgirlmadison Available for Android and iOS, download the Wild About Whales app and log your whale sightings now. Mr Millar has a whale-watching businesses in Sydney and on the Far South Coast of NSW at Merimbula. You might even see Migaloo, the famous white whale, who has been spotted this year on the south coast as he makes his traditional journey from Antarctica to Queensland. Get the latest sightings, learn whale facts and plan your next coastal adventure. Submit your own sightings by using our free app or Tweet us at @wildaboutwhales with the #whaleon hashtag. Jools Farrell, from the Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans (ORRCA), said at this stage they were asking people to socially distance whilst out looking for whales on the day. 12 Oct 2020 - 09:20am: Marengo West: Southern Right Whale: Heading east towards Apolllo Bay. His company had decided on a June 6 start date. Select a region to find the perfect whale watching spot for you! The species all but vanished from the region – dedicated whale surveys from ships off South Georgia resulted in only a single blue whale sighting between 1998 and 2018 – but more recent surveys suggest blue whales are making a comeback. Play Video. June 1, 2020 The Central Coast Dolphin Project is wanting to hear of local whale and dolphin sightings. 11 Sep 2020, 16:52; Updated: 17 Sep 2020, ... SWIMMERS and surfers are urged to avoid several beaches along the New South Wales coastline after a rotting whale … A 2020 survey in February resulted in 58 blue whale sightings, and numerous acoustic detections.

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