One of Uruguay’s most revered public holidays, the anniversary of the country’s independence from the Spanish and Portuguese colonial power achieved in 1825 falls on August 25. It is a night of concerts and fireworks. Thus 25th August was declared as an independence day for the Uruguay. When is Uruguay Independence Day? On February 28, 1811, a group consisting of hundreds of patriots and led by Pedro Venancio José Viera y Benavides took the cities of Mercedes and Soriano. Illustration of symbol, national, event - 151010389 The country’s rolling plains and mild climate allow ranchers to raise a great deal of livestock. Presidents Day Sale Vector. During his Inaugral Adress to Congress on April 4, 1813 General Jose Artigas stated the following: People of Uruguay: "people must be free. The media landscape is being reshaped by political, technological, and economic transformations. Happy Presidents Day American Background. The people of Uruguay honor national heroes, and many hoist the National Flag of Uruguay. Event Navigation « Afro-Peruvian Concert: Atajo de San Francisco with Master Miguel Ballumbrosio; Berkeley Community Media 48 Hour Filmmaker Challenge! Elio Viceroy sought help from the Portuguese. URUGUAY INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION THE EMBASSY OF URUGUAY IN PRETORIA 29 AUGUST 2019 HIS EXCELLENCY THE AMBASSADOR OF URUGUAY IN PRETORIA, H.E. These men were the 33 East, who were joined by townspeople and the troops under the command of patriots like Frutuoso Rivero. Text in Spanish: Happy Independence Day Uruguay. The people of Uruguay now begin to have feeling about emancipation. Uruguayan national day 25th of August background with pennant. It was on this day in 1825 that what is now Uruguay seceded from Brazil and joined Rio de La Plata (Argentina). August 25, 1825: Independence of the Eastern Band from the Empire of Brazil. Artigas, 14 January 1820, suffered defeat and retreated Tacuarembó towards Argentina's Entre Rios province and the Eastern area belonged to the Kingdom of Portugal, with the name of State Cisplatin, continued to belong to Brazil when it became independent. Over three million people live in Uruguay, and Montevideo is the capital. The context for the independence of Spanish America was Napoleon’s conquest of Spain in 1808. Vector illustration. So undoubted there will be lot of excitement and joy among the people. Translate this page. Salsa & Candombe Night – In Celebration of Uruguayan Independence Day! Independence Day celebrations center around Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city, particularly at the Plaza Independencia, which is located in the historic Ciudad Vieja district. The region was originally occupied by several Indigenous peoples. It is declared as a national holiday and all the people come together to celebrate this day in a grand way. Uruguay’s democratic traditions and consistent support for the international rule of law have led to a relationship built on a shared commitment to economic prosperity, global security, and democracy. In 1816 Portuguese troops invaded Uruguay again. Preliminary Peace Convention: The October 4, 1828 was finally ratified the independence of Uruguay and the National Independence Day of Uruguay was achieved, after the meetings held between 11 and 27 August 1928 among the delegates of Brazil and the United Provinces of Río de la Plata, after which it was agreed to its independence. Every year the citizens of Uruguay I are celebrated with great heartily this day. The first victory of the captain in this battle against the Spanish, brought strength among the others to wage a war against the Spanish and prepare for similar other movements and battle. Independence Day in Uruguay Traditions, Customs and Celebrations. Through the efforts of the Government of Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro authorities, these troops were withdrawn, Artigas returned with his army and returned to lay siege to the city of Montevideo Uruguay, supported by troops from Rondeau. Again with the help of the troops of Argentine planned a revolution. Bolivia throws a two-day party packed with marches, gun salutes, fireworks, … La Banda Oriental is the land on the East bank of the Uruguay River. The Captain took his army and entered into a battle with the Spanish at the battle of the Las Piedras on the May 18, 1811. USA flag color hat for Presidents Day celebration. Lettering. Home Events Uruguay Independence Day. Uruguay’s main holidays are New Year’s Day (January 1), Epiphany (January 6), Labour Day (May 1), and Christmas (December 25). Every 25 August, Uruguay celebrates its Independence Day. Illustration about Uruguay Independence Day Celebration Creative Design Illustration Vector Template. Traditional media is suffering falls in profits and are reaching low levels of audiences. The Spanish arrived in 1516.. The day is celebrated with the family, though there is a gathering downtown where you can go to hear speeches given by government officials. Design concept independence day celebration, card. The best selection of Royalty Free Independence Day Uruguay Vector Art, Graphics and Stock Illustrations. After achieving victory in Las Piedras, General Jose Artigas besieged Montevideo. After almost four years thirty-three Juan Antonio Lavalleja-led exiles at Buenos Aires returned to Uruguay. Historians have long debated whether Amerigo Vespucci, Juan Diaz de Solis, Ferdinand Magellan or Sebastian Cabot … While she does not exist, it must take the measures being taken to the security it offers precious.". The Portuguese, based in Brazil, migrated south into Uruguay in 1680 where they founded a colony called Colonial de Sacramento. There is a national holiday on August 25 because of Independence Day, and the night before is typically known as Nostalgic Night. A few years later, on 27 August of 1828, Uruguay was recognised as an independent state … Día de la Raza is the celebration of the Hispanic heritage of Latin America and brings into it all the ethnic and cultural influences making it distinctive. Christmas Day is one of the biggest Christian celebrations and falls on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar. Located to the east of Uruguay River, Uruguay got its name because of its geographic location as well as for historic reasons. Uruguayan memorial holiday 25th of August design element with stripes. Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay were also freed from Spanish rule under this act, which created a group of nation states called Las Provincias Unidas de America del Sur, or the United Provinces of South America. Historian Leonardo Borges argues that Independence Day, celebrated on August 25, does not reflect the actual birth of the nation. Aug 3, 2020 - Uruguay independence day greeting card, banner with template text vector illustration. History of the Independence Day There is a controversy over the actual date of independence of Uruguay. Overview of holidays and many observances in Uruguay during the year 2020 Aug 2, 2020 - Uruguay independence day greeting card, banner, vector illustration. Other articles where History of Uruguay is discussed: Uruguay: Early period: …the territory that is now Uruguay supported a small population estimated at no more than 5,000 to 10,000. The Uruguayan Independence Day Story. Every October, Uruguayans celebrate the National Milk Festival in Cardal, in the South … Presidential Message on Cuban Independence Day. July 9, 2016, marks the 200th anniversary of Argentina’s declaration of independence from Spain. African Countries’ Independence Day Various African countries have Independence Day celebrations. Argentina Independence Day History. Doors open at 9pm / Event starts at 9:30pm. Every country in the world in 1 calendar. Uruguay became independent on August 25, 1825. When the independence of the Brazilian Empire and the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata was signed on August 25, 1825, Uruguay remained part of Argentina, the Banda Oriental. Independence Day celebrations center around Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city, particularly at the Plaza Independencia, which is located in the historic Ciudad Vieja district.

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