How to Remove Rust and Restore Golf Clubs. Once the tape is off, wipe the club clean. Paint thinner, lighter fluid, wd40. Callaway Men's Strata Plus Complete Golf Set (14-Piece), Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder, Cobra F9 vs. Taylormade M2 Drivers Review & Comparison – Must Read Before You Buy, What Is A Handicap In Golf – How To Get One For Beginners & Complete Guide, 15 Richest Golf Caddies Of All Time – A Look At Golf’s Best Caddies. This is a method that can be done carefully and smoothly with great results. Then you want to take your air-gun and place the nozzle in the small hole at the butt-end of the grip. This is good for graphite shafts as you won’t damage them but it can take longer. A little isopropyl rubbing alcohol works. Obviously, we need our grips to be stuck tight to the shaft. By doing it yourself, you can save a lot of money and you don’t need to part with your clubs. This will ensure that you get the best out of your grips for longer, you can really feel the difference when your grips are clean. The main two different ways of regripping really centre on how you get the old grip off and the new grip on. I just use grip solvent. So to get started you will only need a few things. If you have the compressor equipment, using air makes changing grips so fast. Thanks much for all the advice. Commercial grip solvent can be a pricey fluid so some have found other alternatives. You have to treat your grips well, they are so important to your performance. For the golfer on a budget, we will list the “need-to-have” list. This can lead to increased tension in your arms which will reduce the efficiency of your swing and can restrict your wrists. Can you use rubbing alcohol to regrip a golf club? The drawback of this method is you need to have your grip in place and line-up quickly. Seriously though, there could be another way. As I’ve mentioned, this can be by rolling it off the club or by using a knife. With one of these kits, all you need to add are the vice, the knife and the bucket. For removing the grip you can cut it or roll is, as we’ve discuss or you can use the air gun. For the average golfer, clubs should be regripped every year. A vice is absolutely required for this method as you need two hands for correct installation of the new grip. Poured a bit in the grip, swished it around and poured it into a jar. Also, the club can be used straight away, no drying time is required. They are usually made up of thirteen grips along with the tape and white spirit. Rinse the grips to remove any soapy residue by wiping them off with a damp cloth. You don’t need solvents for this and masking tape works well instead of double-sided tape. Rub the grips gently to clean them. I also think that your own feel is important. Finally, you can roll your grips back starting at the thinnest part of the grip. However, the advantage is that gasoline tends to evaporate faster. If you happen to have run out of white spirit but have an abundance of nail polish remover sitting about, good news is that you can use it. Tinker wd40. If you have the full complement of 14 golf clubs in your bag, you could find grip replacement rather expensive -- roughly $84 to $140 if you replace all of your grips. Flightscope Mevo Vs Mevo Plus vs GC2 – What’s The Best Buy? If you want this done, I would go to your local pro. Do you get your grips done that often? Alternative grip solvent. With practice you can certainly get away without using one but you may find the whole process trickier. Not everyone has a vice sitting around at home. If you want to start regripping your clubs at home for yourself then it is something you can learn fairly quickly and easily. This way you have renewed every part of the grip and can be confident in consistency. You need to leave your clubs in a strange place and you spend the whole time worried they’re ok. Never use brushes on these grips or you will destroy the soft top layer. Empty the full grip over the double-sided tape to wet it evenly. Once the grip is off you’re onto probably the most annoying part of the process, removing the old tape. Mineral spirts or (gulp) gasoline. Grips are subject to wear and tear from exposure to the elements, how tightly you hold your golf club, body oils and sweat and overuse. © 2020  Amazon Associates Program. Today on the blog, we will tell you what you need to know to do this yourself. However, be sure you dry the shafts thoroughly before taking the next step. My dad used lighter fluid. There is something special about the smell of grip solvent in the pros workshop! You can measure your hands to find out what grip you need or you can use your glove size as a rough guide. Clean the club back to the shaft taking care not to damage the club. Once you get some practice in, you can regrip a club in just a couple of minutes. Paint thinner or Mineral Spirits are cheap alternatives to grip solvent … Tinker. At this point, you are ready for the new tape. Other Solvents to Try: Gasoline, nail polish remover, Varsol, rubbing alcohol, charcoal starter fluid, or lighter fluid can also be used on golf grips in times of an emergency. Hi, I am Matthew, a mid handicap golfer who likes to play as much as possible.

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